Spend your gift money at Apex Book Company

Paul Raven @ 29-12-2008

Michael Burstein - I Remember the FutureIf you’ve got some cash to hand after the seasonal blow-out, and if you fancy spending it on something worthwhile at the same time as helping out a small business that’s fallen on tough times, you could do a lot worse than pop on over to Apex Book Company (the people who put out the excellent Apex Online webzine) and buy a little something. Jason Sizemore explains:

Apex Publications needs an influx of revenue. Quick.

What this means is that if you’ve ever thought of buying an Apex book, now would be a damn good time to do so.

The most effective, easiest and most fun way to pump some blood into Apex is to buy a book directly from our store. You get damn fine literature (and free media shipping if your order is $25 or more (applies to US orders only)).

If you’re strapped of cash, then blog about our books or authors and try to coerce people into giving us a try.

I figure we need about $2500 in revenue over the next two weeks.

So go buy a book, or a back issue of Apex Digest, the excellent print mag that has now morphed into Apex Online. You get something nice to read, and to rest assured that another small press survives to publish more quality fiction – sounds like a win-win deal to me.

Looking for an editorial job?

Paul Raven @ 30-07-2008

Well, you’re in luck! Apex Online is on the lookout for a masochist slush pile reader submissions editor, which would be a great place to start learning the trade if you’re a genre fan.

It’s also a great post for aspiring writers, because you’ll get to see the mistakes that others make and (hopefully) learn from them… click click click!

Apex Digest abandons pulp for pixels

Paul Raven @ 14-07-2008

Yet another genre magazine of good standing makes the migration to publishing entirely on the web. Apex Digest has been moving web-ward for some time, but now publisher and editor-in-chief Jason Sizemore announces the removal of the training wheels:

“In print, we