Grant offered for older writers of speculative fiction

Paul Raven @ 21-02-2008

speculative-fiction-foundation-logo Here’s a quick one from Futurismic’s (electronic) postbag – calling all writers of speculative fiction over fifty years of age!

“The Speculative Literature Foundation (SLF) is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for the 2008 Older Writers Grant. The grant of $750 is available to any writer of speculative literature of 50 years or older at the time of application just beginning to work professionally in the field. There are no restrictions on the use of the grant money. 

The grant will be awarded by a committee of SLF staff members on the basis of interest and merit. Applicants are asked to submit a brief autobiographical statement, a writing sample, and a bibliography. For full details on how to apply for the grant, please refer to the grants page on the SLF web site, or email olderwriters[AT]speclit[DOT]org.

Applications must be received by March 31st 2008. The successful applicant will be announced on June 1st 2008.”

Well, what are you waiting for?

BSFA Awards shortlists announced

Paul Raven @ 23-01-2008

Us Brits have a set of science fiction awards too, y’know. Maybe the BSFA Awards are not as big and high-profile as the Nebulas, but we’re pretty proud of them nonetheless.

The shortlists for this year’s BSFA Awards were announced last night. Here are the ones to do with fiction:

Best Novel:

  • Alice in Sunderland – Bryan Talbot (Jonathan Cape)
  • Black Man – Richard Morgan (Gollancz)
  • Brasyl – Ian McDonald (Gollancz)
  • The Execution Channel – Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
  • The Prefect – Alastair Reynolds (Gollancz)
  • The Yiddish Policemen’s Union – Michael Chabon (Fourth Estate)

Best Short Fiction:

I think the Best Novel category will be closely fought – I’ll have to think carefully about my vote for that one.

As Niall Harrison points out, Ted Chiang probably has the Short Fiction in the bag. Personally, I thought that to be one of his weakest pieces – not bad by any stretch of the definition, but nowhere near as good as some of the material preceding it. Selah.

Your thoughts?

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2007 Nebula Award longlist announced

Tomas Martin @ 12-01-2008

The preliminary list of nominees for the 2007 Nebula Awards have been announced. Below are the novel selections, with the novella, novelette, short story and film selections available at the SFWA site. Some of the novels have free links as listed below, although some require you to be a SFWA member. My favourite of those I’ve read is Chabon’s excellent alternate history. What do people think of the list?


Ragamuffin, by Tobias Buckell

(Tor, Jun07)    First Third available on his website for free

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, by Michael Chabon
(HarperCollins, May07)

Species Imperative #3: Regeneration, by Julie E. Czerneda (full PDF on Private Edition)
(DAW, May06)

Vellum: The Book of All Hours, by Hal Duncan
(Del Rey, Apr06 (Macmillan hardcover Nov05 (UK)))

The Accidental Time Machine, by Joe Haldeman
(Ace, Aug07)

The New Moon’s Arms, by Nalo Hopkinson
(Warner Books, Feb07)

Mainspring, by Jay Lake
(Tor, Jun07)

Odyssey, by Jack McDevitt (full PDF on Private Edition)
(Ace, Nov06)

The Outback Stars, by Sandra McDonald
(Tor, May07)

Strange Robby, by Selina Rosen (full PDF and hardcopy offer on Private Edition)
(Meisha Merlin Publishing Jul06)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling
(Scholastic Press, Jul07)

Rollback, by Robert J. Sawyer
(Analog, Feb07 (serialized in Oct06 through Jan/Feb07 issues; Tor book, Apr07))

Blindsight, by Peter Watts (free Creative Commons versions)
(Tor, Oct06)

[links from the SFWA page, via numerous editors and authors]

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