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Burst Fiction is Futurismic Flash

Writing in a notebookThe longer I work on Futurismic, the more free fiction outlets I discover – I never imagined there could be so many, and I’m sure there are plenty more waiting to be unearthed*. [image by apesara]

I bumped into a guy called Eric Chevalier over at Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel forums, and he told me about his Burst Fiction project. Burst Fiction is:

[a]n active e-zine of one shot short stories, around 1000 characters in length, set in near contemporary times but with scifi tendencies.

Sound familiar? It’s like a combination of Futurismic‘s submission guidelines and the Friday Flash Fiction format! So get yourselves over to Burst Fiction and hoover up some crumbs of story from the metaphorical carpet of the intarwubs. Writer-types, take note – they’re looking for more content, too.

Also recommended, this time by Eric “Saijo City” Rice, is QuillPill.com, which is essentially a Twitter-equivalent for fiction writing (or journal keeping). That’s probably oversimplifying it a little, but I’ve not yet had a chance to test it out for myself – if you have a look (or have used it already), maybe you’d let us know what it’s like?

[ * And you do know that if you find one yourself, you should drop us a line so we can add it to the Sidebar Of Justice, right? ]