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Josh Harris still on the MIT campaign trail

I never thought I’d ever get to say that I’d scooped the folk at Wired, but it looks like I did (even though they’re billing their piece as an”exclusive”, I’m magnanimous enough not to make a big deal about it – I know my place in the information ecosystem). Their Josh Harris screed is a little longer (and a little more unhinged, especially the sidebar about, um, toothpaste) than the one I ran here last year, but the core idea is very much the same: 1) get MIT Media Lab directorship, 2) build monetizable participatory panopticon, 3)… erm, well, the next step is a bit unclear, but I figure the way forward will become apparent when the earlier stages are in the bag.

I note with interest that the comments thread is much more vehemently opposed to the idea of Harris taking the post than the Futurismic equivalent. One could put that down to Wired‘s larger audience (YA RLY), but I’m gonna assume it’s something to do with Futurismic‘s readership being that little bit more open to craziness. Hell, you all read my jibber-jabber every day, you must get some sort of kick out of it… 🙂

Buy This Satellite!

Via, well, literally dozens of people (in one fast condensed rush on Twitter last night, in fact, suggesting a very successful viral campaign, be it deliberate or purely serendipitous), here’s a great way to get something good out of the economic collapse: why don’t we all pitch in and buy a bankruptcy fire-sale satellite, which we can then redeploy to provide wireless internet to a developing nation that could really benefit from it?

Not only a brilliant and ambitious bit of humanitarianism for the not-quite-fully-networked world, but confirmation of the practicality of a chunk of sf worldbuilding I’ve been kicking around for years… 🙂