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China embraces the digital novel

Opinions are divided among Western authors and publishers as to whether free fiction available online boosts or damages the sales of physical product – witness Pixel-stained Technopeasantry. Wired reports that the book business in China is in fact undergoing a renaissance thanks to the increasingly popular pastime of reading novels online, and that the stories go on to be used in other media like television and computer games. The question is, will the same model work in the West?

FORGOTTEN DRAGONS by David McGillveray

David McGillveray – whose story “His Whore The Vector” appeared on Futurismic last year – is back with an action-packed tale of the secretive front lines of Sino-American rivalry.

Forgotten Dragons

by David McGillveray

Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of China, Spring 2026

The night air was wet with mist, the ground cold beneath their bellies.

“What the hell are we doing out here, man?” grumbled Cope. He spoke Mandarin out of custom, even though they were alone. “I thought the plan was to hit the fuel convoy and get out fast like last time.”

Janssen shook his head and returned the night-vision binos to his eyes. “Won’t work.” Continue reading FORGOTTEN DRAGONS by David McGillveray