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Festive downtime

Hi folks; just a quick note to apologise for the radio silence here over the last week! I’ve been off doing that family thing for the festive season alongside finishing up all the fiddly details of my recent house move (an experience I’m glad to have seen the end of), and there simply hasn’t been time to update here at Futurismic. I hope you’ve found plenty of other good stuff to read around the web… or been busy enough with your own seasonal visits to not notice the absence!

And here we are a few days before Christmas – meaning that most of you will be spending some well-earned time away from your computers, as will I. Futurismic will be back up and running next week in the run-up to the New Year, so I hope you’ll pop back and join us then. In the meantime, here’s wishing you all whatever will make you happiest, wherever you may be located and whatever belief system you may subscribe to. 🙂

Happy holidays! – Paul R

Christmas post: Mary Magdalene’s perfume found?

This could be a marketing opportunity for somebody.

Franciscan archaeologists digging in the biblical town of Magdala in present-day Israel say they have uncovered vials of perfume similar to those used by Mary Magdalene, the woman believed to have washed the feet of Jesus.

…”[W]e have in our hands ‘cosmetic products’ from Christ’s time,” said [lead archaeologist Father Stefano] De Luca.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]