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Corb v2.0 – mutating shipping container condos

The humble shipping container has been reimagined quite a few times in recent years, and has appeared as a potential housing solution in sf novels and stories from (among others) Ken MacLeod, Neal Stephenson and Gareth L Powell, as well as starring as a plot McGuffin in William Gibson’s latest; the BBC are even following a shipping container by GPS for a year.

But nothing quite prepares you for the bright day-glo architectural enthusiam of the guys who’ve come up with CORB v2.0, a kind of mutating condominium made from shipping containers:

CORB v2.0 shipping container condominium - image copyright Anderew Maynard Architects

Changing your view or neighbours with the seasons or on a whim is not a problem at Corb. Changes in family dynamics or space requirements are easily dealt with.

Traditional hierarchies determined and reinforced by wealth are void here. When you live at Corb, everyone gets a penthouse just as often as they get a ground floor apartment.

One can only hope that, unlike Hiro Protagonist, you don’t end up with a choice of views over the runways of a major airport… or, as seems more likely, over a busy freight port. [image borrowed from Maynard Architects site; all rights reserved by owner, reproduced here under Fair Use terms; story via Justin Pickard]