1973: Effortful, Sticky, Jammy – Space Ritual by Hawkwind

Adam Roberts @ 20-05-2009

The Adam Roberts Project

The cover looks pretty exciting, doesn’t it? A flame-haired naked woman with a boomerang on her head standing in a big gold cauldron firing rockets from her fingertips into some cooking pots from which gigantic strands of frogspawn depend – how could that not be brilliant?

Hawkwind - Space RitualBut the truth is that no such woman actually appears in the music of Hawkwind’s Space Ritual (1973). Oh, Hawkwind’s stage show had statuesque topless Stacia, everybody knows about her. But the album itself … not so much. What you get on the album is space rock, and lots and lots and lots of it. Continue reading “1973: Effortful, Sticky, Jammy – Space Ritual by Hawkwind”