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Lasers vs. police helicopters

lasercockpitFollowing on from the news of blinding-laser “friendly fire” incidents in Iraq is this article on the growing problem of green lasers being used against police helicopters in the UK:

An “attack” can come from any of the darkened streets over which the force’s state of the art helicopter India 99 flies at night.

“You can’t miss it. A sharp green beam of light shoots up from the ground, flashing around the helicopter, dazzling anyone on whom it scores a ‘direct hit’,” said Mr Briggs.

The police have had to learn to deal with the attacks — about half of those reported are aimed at their helicopters. In 2003 just three incidents were recorded. Last year there were 207. So far this year, the tally is 76.

The culprits are usually bored youths, who have got hold of a laser pointer and amuse themselves by playing its beam over passing aircraft.

One of those “we are living in the 21st century” moments – idlers attacking police helicopters with lasers…

[image and article from the BBC]

Autonomous Killer Helicopters

Neural Robotics Incorporated makes an unmanned helicopter called the AutoCopter that can fly in either remote control mode or GPS-guided fully autonomous mode. Pretty impressive, but it gets downright scary when you add a fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun to it. At less than $100,000 apiece, this is downright cheap from a military standpoint, and even within the reach of large corporations. Imagine a swarm of these smaller-than-man-size helicopters chasing you down the street.