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New blog on the block: Gawker’s io9

io9addict Doubtless after realising that the Futurismic team, as awesome as we are, just don’t have the resources to cover everything, the folk at Gawker Media have started a new science fiction blog, io9, headed up by none other than Annalee Newlitz. [Image lifted from i09 introductory post]

From the looks of it so far, they’re going to be covering all sorts of funky science fictional stuff, and not just the written fiction and plausible technogeekery we try to stick to here – so I’m guessing there’s room in your RSS reader for both. 🙂 And as Scalzi points out, fandom will not be slighted lightly … still, they’re off to a good start from my point of view, with a post that faces the rotting elephant carcass in the room and points out six reasons that Star Trek should stay dead. Amen, brothers and sisters.

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