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Monday sensawunda: diamond icebergs on Uranus

If you’re struggling to lift your spirits out of the Monday slump, maybe a kick-in-the-pants for your imagination will help. So try this for size: Uranus and Neptune may be home to vast oceans of liquid diamond, upon which may be floating icebergs of the same material in its solid phase. Straight out of a space opera, ain’t it? [via NextBigFuture]

And for the sf-geek-audiophiles among you, BoingBoing picked up an enjoyable listen: did you know that the sounds of cracking ice sheets recorded underwater sound remarkably like laser blaster battles from skiffy movies? Well, they do. So turn it up loud, and crab-run around your office wearing a colander on your head while pretending to take out the cat with a well-timed headshot…


… ah, I knew there had to be an upside to this working-from-home thing. 🙂