Why I’m looking forward to 2012

Mac Tonnies @ 08-04-2009

Mac Tonnies - Loving the AlienIf you thought we were all done with millennial panics and numerically significant dates for another thousand years or so, think again. Mac Tonnies looks a short way ahead to December 2012, the much-touted end of the Fifth Sun of the Mayan calendar, and wonders whether we’re doomed as a species to perpetually rebuild such temporal milestones. Continue reading “Why I’m looking forward to 2012”

Seeking Solace in the Abyss

Mac Tonnies @ 11-03-2009

Mac Tonnies - Loving the AlienMac’s back, and he’s been thinking bleak thoughts about a post-climate-change planet. How much of a part does our certainty of apocalypse play in ensuring it comes to pass – and can an agnostic approach to our ultimate fate help us prevent it happening? Continue reading “Seeking Solace in the Abyss”

UFOs and Science Fiction

Mac Tonnies @ 19-11-2008

Mac Tonnies - Loving the AlienLoving the Alien returns after a brief hiatus, and Mac Tonnies takes the time to wonder why literary science fiction has never embraced the UFO as a conceptual alpha or omega point. Continue reading “UFOs and Science Fiction”

My real-life alien encounter

Mac Tonnies @ 24-09-2008

Mac Tonnies - Loving the AlienMac Tonnies assures me that this is a true story; I’ve worked with him for a while now, and I’m inclined to believe him… though I suspect the truth in question may be more symbolic than literal. But you should make up your own mind after you read about Mac’s real-life alien encounter in this month’s Loving The Alien column. Continue reading “My real-life alien encounter”

Navigating the Metaverse

Mac Tonnies @ 14-08-2008

Mac Tonnies - Loving the AlienIf you were wondering why Mac Tonnies’ latest Loving The Alien column is a little late, here’s the answer — it turns out he’s been lurking in Second Life. What might the fluid nature of identity in the metaverse mean for our posthuman successors? Continue reading “Navigating the Metaverse”

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