Komarov retraction

Paul Raven @ 07-04-2011

Public service announcement: remember the NPR story about Yuri Gagarin’s best buddy Vladimir Komarov I linked to a while back? Well, the book on which the post was based way be rather less accurate than was suggested; the source of the revelations, former KGB officer Venyamin Russayev, appears to be unknown to anyone other than the book’s author at this point.

Theories of Creativity

C Sven Johnson @ 06-08-2008

In the latest instalment of Future Imperfect, Sven Johnson has been trying to unearth the roots of a creativity myth.

Future Imperfect - Sven Johnson

Why is it that we tend to see the creative professions as the province of the young, when there’s so much evidence to the contrary? Continue reading “Theories of Creativity”