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Your humble editor on the Sofanauts podcast

Stuck for some science fiction related listening on this fine Saturday? Permit me to make a suggestion; the second installment of the Sofanauts podcast features a discussion between host Tony C Smith (creator of the StarShipSofa podcast); writer, web developer and good friend of Futurismic Jeremiah Tolbert; Pablo Defendini, head honcho and all-round multitasking maestro at Tor.com… and yours truly.

Tony rolled us through the sf-nal news of the week – the passing of JG Ballard, the Save the Semiprozine Award campaign and the Nebula Awards – with plenty of excursions into related territories. You can hear us debate the decline of the short fiction magazines, the future of the printed word and the rise of the ebook, the writing of Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow and Ian McDonald, and a whole lot more. If you’ve got an hour and a half in which your ears will be unoccupied, take a listen.

Futurismic readers ate all Tom Doyle’s bandwidth!

It’s great for us to know that yesterday’s post sent lots of you off to listen to Tom Doyle’s audio readings of his stories… and great for Tom himself, too!

However, there really can be too much of a good thing – so many people downloaded that the bandwidth limits on the hosting site he was using has been exceeded. Never fear, though; Tom has moved the files to a new location. So if you didn’t manage to get them the first time, try the following links instead:


TTA Press launches Transmissions From Beyond podcast site

Transmissions From BeyondTTA Press – publishers of long-running UK science fiction magazine Interzone – have stepped into the podcast arena with the launch of Transmissions From Beyond.

Transmissions From Beyond will republish stories from the TTA stable of magazines, Interzone included, in audio format for you to listen to for free. The first selection includes the excellent Tim Akers story “The Algorithm” – well worth stuffing onto your MP3 player for next week’s commute.