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Heinlein – beyond the books

This year is definitely Heinlein’s year.  We’ve posted here about Heinlein’s centennial birthday, not to mention the digital archiving of his works.

In addition, there was a symposium held in Kansas City, the town Heinlein grew up in.  There, speakers discussed Heinlein’s effects on American culture – via book, television and film – as well as less related topics.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always enjoyed his novels, even the ones where he gets a bit preachy with libertarianism.  I remember being so excited that Starship Troopers had been made into a film that I was there on opening night, and the ensuing horror at what had been done to such a fine novel (I now loathe Casper van Dien).  This article is a good read, as it touches on Heinlein’s ventures into TV and film, neither of which were terribly successful.

(image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)