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Flexible speakers

speakerFollowing on from yesterday’s thin ‘n’ see-through supercapacitors now we have thin ‘n’ shiny speakers from researchers at Warwick University:

Engineers claim their new ultra-thin speakers, as well as looking good and being easy to conceal, will also deliver clearer, crisper sound.

The loudspeakers could replace public address systems in passenger terminals and shopping centres.

They could also be used as speaking posters to deliver adverts.

Cheers for clearer tannoys. Jeers for annoying talking posters.

[from the BBC][image from the BBC]

Wand For Scraping Audio Samples

Soundpaint Goto
Two Ph.D. candidates at MIT have invented The Sound of Touch, a digital instrument that texturizes sound. It works like this: you use a microphone built in to the wand-like instrument to record a sound, then you brush the tip of the wand across a surface. A processor translates the shape of that surface into an effect applied to the sound. Sandpaper would gives your sample a gritty sound, silk a satiny smoothness.