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Crime stats as sculpture – Mount Fear

Another little gem spotted by the grinders: what would you get if you took the crime incident statistics for London and represented them as a 3D physical map?

Mount Fear - installation sculpture based on crime statistics

Mount Fear is what you’d get. In the words of its creator, Abigail Reynolds:

The terrain of Mount Fear is generated by data sets relating to the frequency and position of urban crimes. Precise statistics are provided by the police. Each individual incident adds to the height of the model, forming a mountainous terrain … The imaginative fantasy space seemingly proposed by the sculpture is subverted by the hard facts and logic of the criteria that shape it.

While it makes for an intriguing art project, Mount Fear surely presages a short-range extrapolation of geolocative mash-ups.

In other words, being able to call up the data used for Mount Fear and overlay it on Google Maps running on your mobile device would make your next flat- or apartment-hunting experience that little bit more reassuring.

Or should that be less reassuring?

Some statistics about the publishing industry

Hands on a keyboardFreelancingBlog has collected some statistics that should be of interest to any aspiring writers, of fiction or otherwise. It’s kind of a mixed bag – some of them are quite heartening, like this one:

“Book sales account for 25-30 billion dollars in annual revenue?”

While others make you realise that there’s a lot more to getting published than simply bashing out a manuscript:

“Out of every 10,000 children’s books [written], 3 get published.”

As the post says, you’ve got to have guts and perseverance if you want to make it through.

Any writers among Futurismic’s readers who’d care to share their experiences? [Image by dbdbrobot]

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