Clarkesworld reopens to fiction submissions

Paul Raven @ 15-01-2009

Cover art for Clarkesworld Magazine #28Via their newly-hired non-fiction editor Cheryl Morgan comes news that the consistently excellent Clarkesworld Magazine is once again open to fiction submissions.

If you don’t read Clarkesworld already, you really should do; it’s one of the sites that I hold up as an exemplar of quality fiction on the web, and they set a high bar to measure up against. And all at no cost to you, the reader – so drop in a donation or buy a physical copy while you’re there, why don’t ya?

Futurismic re-opens to fiction submissions for 2009!

Paul Raven @ 05-01-2009

The title says it all, fictioneers – hard-workin’ fiction editor Chris East’s batteries are fully recharged, and so Futurismic is open to fiction submissions once again. Don’t forget to give the guidelines a thorough read before you submit – good luck!

Futurismic closed to fiction submissions until January 2nd!

Paul Raven @ 01-12-2008

Hi folks – just a quick note to let you know that Futurismic is closing down its fiction submissions form for the month of December. This will not only give hard-workin’ Chris East, our relentless Fiction Editor, a chance to catch up with the slush pile, but hopefully give the poor guy enough time to leave his desk and actually see his family and friends over the festive season – I reckon he’s earned it!

We’ll re-open to submissions on January 2nd; in the meantime, everything will continue pretty much as usual. Look out for the latest piece of fiction later today!

[Apex Online is doing a December shut-down, too – great minds think alike, I guess. 😉 ]

Futurismic re-opens to fiction submissions

Paul Raven @ 12-08-2008

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that hard-workin’ Chris East, Futurismic‘s fearless Fiction Editor, has got himself all caught up with the slush pile, and is hungry for you to send him more…

Yup – the fiction submissions webform is back in action. So scroll down through the guidelines, giving them one last read-through while you’re at it, and then click through to send us your masterpiece. We look forward to seeing what you’re made of!

Fiction submissions closed temporarily

Paul Raven @ 18-07-2008

Well, it looks like the migration is complete, though the RSS feed seems to be lagging a bit – I expect it’ll all settle down soon. I’m hoping you’ll notice greater reliability and uptime from Futurismic at its new home!

So, the regular contact form is active again for your tips and enquiries. However, we’re keeping the fiction submissions page closed for a week or two to let hard-workin’ fiction editor Chris East trawl his way through the slush pile and get himself caught up.

So, if you were about to send something in, you’ve got time for a final rewrite – run through the guidelines one last time, why not?

Finally, if you notice anything broken on the site, please drop us a line and let us know. Otherwise, it looks like we’re back in business!

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