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Johnny Chung Lee does incredible things with a Wii at TED

TED 2008, the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference, was held this March in Monterey California. Among the most exciting talks given was by Johnny Lee, who displayed two incredible uses of the Wiimote controller from the Nintendo Wii. Using the infrared camera at the front of the controller, a projector and an infrared pointer pen, he has made a virtual whiteboard that can be manipulated at more than one place at a time.

This interactive whiteboard is a fraction of the cost of traditional ones. Using sunglasses that emit two infrared dots that show where the glasses are looking Lee also used the Wiimote to make a flat TV screen look truly 3D to the wearer of the sunglasses. Watch and be amazed.

[via Joystiq, video by TED]

Battles in cyberspace: Anonymous vs Scientology

William Gibson, considered by many to be the father of cyperpunk, has written recent novels in the present time as we’re almost in a cyberpunk world alreadyWhen the first cyberpunk writers picked up their pens in the eighties and wrote about conflict acted out over computer networks, it seemed like a lifetime away. In recent years we’ve seen internet attacks on Estonia and on power infrastructure. Countless griefers, hackers and virus-creators have found a way to virtually attack others.

Now it seems there’s something akin to a war on in one corner of the internet. A number of individuals calling themselves ‘Anonymous’ have posted a series of videos on Youtube decrying the Church/Cult of Scientology and what they call its manipulation of its followers. In related moves, a number of high profile Scientology websites were attacked by hackers and taken down. The Anonymous group seems to be using many of the techniques used by Alternate Reality Games like World Without Oil or Perplex City to create a campaign against elements of the real world.

It’s very reminiscent of the blending between virtuality and reality seen in Charles Stross’ Halting State. You can find Anonymous’s original message to Scientology video here and their reply to the media interest here on Warren Ellis’ blog. A new video was released yesterday explaining some more of the group’s message, in particular making it clear they are not just a group of hackers. It also warns of protests against Scientology on the 10th February. Whoever is doing it and for what reason, it’s a fascinating example of just how different our world(s) are now compared to even a few years ago.

[via Elizabeth Bear, image via Wikipedia’s page on William Gibson’s Spook Country]

Supernova Online

HeaderchrisIt seems like every day I learn about some new, uberbrainy conference that I can’t afford to attend and aren’t smart enough to speak at, the most recent being Supernova. Supernova is all about “how decentralization and pervasive connectivity are changing our world.” Mitigating my frustration is the fact that many of these conferences are now publishing their proceedings online (to name two biggies: TED and SXSW). Supernova’s got video too. Don’t miss Clay Shirky, always a healthy dash of common sense for our collective moments of irrational exuberance. [oreilly radar]