2 thoughts on “A Giant Leap Forward For Nanotech”

  1. I’m assuming the word you refer to is ‘nanotech’. Granted, I am not using the word to refer to von Neumann machines, or self-replicating miniature machinery specifically. Rather, I am referring to what the general usage of the term seems to be; namely any technology, be it semiconductors, biotech, or pure mechanical, that occurs at a scale that is measured in nanometers without recourse to the use of numerical modifiers or powers of ten. To quote Wikipedia:

    “Nanotechnology is any technology which exploits phenomena and structures that can only occur at the nanometer scale, which is the scale of single atoms and small molecules.”

    [full article here]

    I understand that there are many interpretations of the term, but I use it in the sense that I feel the average layman reader of the site will understand it. If you can point me toward any clarifiers, I would be more than grateful; please email me via the ‘About’ page.

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