One thought on “Recycling Styrofoam…With Microbes”

  1. I read this and also the article at this link:

    But when will this technology begin to be used? I hope when it does, all those polystyrene chunks can be lifted from the landfills & reduced or reused. Meanwhile, I take polystyrene boxes from drug shipments at work & try to give them to shipping places, but this takes a lot of time from my life, which, believe me, I don’t really have. I can’t bear to watch the stuff get thrown in the trash after one use. Every week I get 5 boxes & then I’m always picking up shapes to try from the trash or recycling bins to try and find shippng companies that will use those too. It’s very frustrating. I always see questions on the internet, & never any answers. Thanks for this article. The problem is bigger than me, & maybe there’s some headway somewhere.

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