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  1. Keep in mind, USNews claims, “one former and current governerment official” make the accusations. FBI says none of their senior staff are aware of any such discussions and added that the bureau have not conducted “physical searches of any location without consent or a judicial order.”

    The remaining meat of the story pits the current Justice Dept. explaining the “white paper” as a defense of NSA’s electronic surveillance program, and a forumer Dept. attorney who prosecuted 2 warrantless search and surveillance cases claiming Bush wanted warrentless physical searches. And a whole lot of he said she said.

    I’m gonna make the assumption Jeremy you’re against Bush’s use of the NSA.

    I haven’t heard many critics seriously asking who are we watching? Or anyone requesting an update as to how many terrorists are within the U.S. So, in sum, it appears they want the government to “catch” the terrorists but not to “watch” them. But how can the U.S. catch the jihadist terrorists if it doesn’t monitor them? And how can the defense and security institutions monitor an enemy in a state of war, if it provides them with the knowledge and the technology it is using?

    Under the circumstances we face in dealing with the terrorist threat, is it unreasonable to imediately begin intercepting calls being made to a captured terrorist cell phone, whether those calls originate in the U.S. or another country? Of course not.

    All of these have been international communications originating inside or outside the US.

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