Sweet! My Condo’s Getting A Beach

It’s amazing what people are doing with the Google Maps API. I’m really digging the Flood Maps, which show you where the water would be if the seas rise by anywhere from 0 to 14 meters. Looks like 8 meters is the sweet spot for me — so far as I can tell, that puts my condo right on the new beach. (Too bad the new beach will consist primarily of a submerged 101 freeway.) Before you have too much fun with the map, keep in mind that the default setting of 7 meters is how much the oceans will likely rise if Greenland’s ice pack melts completely. Greenland’s ice pack is already melting (albeit slowly).

3 thoughts on “Sweet! My Condo’s Getting A Beach”

  1. I noted with interest that our office building in Bremerton is – post melt-down – on a small island seperated from the rest of Bremerton.

    We welcome our ice pack melting overlords and look forward to the day they see fit to extend a bridge to our island.

  2. No no – you’re supposed to get all fanboy geeky (grin) _after_ we’re funded to the point where I can afford to work there full-time.

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