An Exception To A Rule

Bodies moving in liquid experience a great deal of friction, something you know from experience if you’ve ever tried aqua aerobics. In fact, it’s physically impossible for a liquid not to create this resistance, no matter the liquid or the body in question. At least, that was true until some USC researchers found a molecule that, when properly stimulated, will actually force water away, allowing it to move without resistance.

One thought on “An Exception To A Rule”

  1. They discover new and wild things every day… just last week if you told someone that something could spin frictionless in a liquid they might have told you that you were a fool and going against scientific theory and law…

    I’m glad many people aren’t afraid to go against the consensus or report findings that are. After all, if science isn’t about questioning the world through the scientific method, what is it about?

    You guys rock, keep up the reporting of great futuretech =)

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