America’s Plans For Iran

Seymour Hersh lays out the Bush administration’s plans for Iran, as described by his sources, in the New Yorker. From everything I’ve read I believe that the current leaders in Iran (unlike Saddam Hussein four years ago) are a genuine threat to the United States, and I fear that a military approach may be the only way to prevent a mushroom cloud from rising over an American city. What form that military approach takes, and when it’s undertaken, will make all the difference in the result. Hersh does a good job of laying out the risks of a number of approaches to containing Iran.

One thought on “America’s Plans For Iran”

  1. I recall a commander’s briefing from 1986 or so. Don’t remember how the topic came up but the Colonel was going over the possibility of war with Iran.

    He rated it unlikely: too far to go from the nearest friendly base, long logistic lines. We don’t have those problems at least, now.

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