One thought on “Apocalyptic Vision”

  1. Well, it’s a bit misleading to tag the work as being “left leaning” in the usually understood sense of the phrase.

    Did a little reading and learned the site expresses ideas that’re on the softer side of an eco-utopian movement.

    A movement (or set of beliefs really) which seems to delight in tales of the technosphere going away in favor of some sort of all-natural version of “The Singularity”.

    That’s not really “Left” in any political sense (though it’s typical in the US to lump earthy-crunchy types in with the political Left, even though they’re more lifestylists than coherent polisci thinkers) – embedded criticisms of Bush’s purported Iran assault plans notwithstanding.

    In one of Prieur’s utopias, “morphogenic fields” play a prominent role – a mystical replacement for telecommunication technology – and some sort of sentient, moody bio crystal thingie replaces computers.

    He’s dreaming of a civilizational collapse leading to an updated hippie renaissance world of magic.

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