Hugo Chavez Siempre y Siempre

If the Venezuelan opposition follows through on threats to boycott the upcoming elections, Hugo Chavez has suggested he’ll ask the people if they want him to remain in office until 2031. International observers believe Venezuelan elections are free and fair — so what if Chavez is elected for the next 25 years? Can you really call a society that locks in a leader for that long democratic?

One thought on “Hugo Chavez Siempre y Siempre”

  1. To be fair to the Venezuelans, in the United States we have (essentially) two political parties. In the last presidential elections, fifty percent of the voters did not get who they wanted. That seems to more of a national coin flip than a national consensus. I think I would prefer to see an overwhelming vote for Chavez for thirty-five years than term after term of national deadlock.

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