India Plans Robotic Military

The armed forces of the world, as ever, are dead set on using technology to gain an edge on the battlefield. Hence the Indian Prime Minister’s announcement that his country is starting a program to develop “cutting edge technology weapons in sensors, robotics, propulsion systems, stealth and fighting wars through use of remote technology”. I guess anything that means less people have to die is OK by me.

2 thoughts on “India Plans Robotic Military”

  1. More than that – any edge you get that makes your armed forces better at war – at killing, but it’s more nuanced than that – makes war both less likely and less lethel in aggregate.

    The more lethel your army is the greater your opponent will fold and you won’t have to fight. Likewise the quicker the battle is over the fewer have to die, should one or both sides miscalculate.

    And too, robots are cool.

  2. It also means that nations with the most modern economies and innovative technologies will have a military advantage. Call me crazy but I would rather see India in control of a robot army than Iran and that is what is more likely to happen. And I would put Japanese built, American purchased droids up against Chinese made tin cans any day. The People’s Republican Army is too busy running corrupt state monopoly corporations to build such an army.

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