3 thoughts on “TribeWanted A Scam?”

  1. Ermmm How were you suckered? have you been ripped off? I’ve joined http://www.tribewanted.com and I don’t think I’ve been suckered into anything.

    I think I’m getting exactly what I expected, and am looking forward to the project launching properly and expect to visit Vorovoro in March – in the mean time, I’ve got access to the other members on both a private (tribesmen only) site and a public forum via the web site.

    I’ve met both the founder members and IMHO Gem couldn’t have got it more wrong, but maybe you have to have shrugged off a bit of cynicism before you get to that point.

  2. Hey Fiona, you be careful there! I used to know one of the chiefs. Unfortunatly he is a bit of a con man. I’ll tell you how you can tell! Go to google and type, Mark James tribewanted and find a photograph. Then go back to google and type Mark Bowness and view images! Mmmmhm they look the same, they are the same! Bowness is not his writing name, it is his surname… The surname James is uesd so he can disappear!

    This bloke is a scam, tribewanted maybe a great idea but be careful with this bloke… do not trust him at all! Just be careful Fiona I’d hate you to lose money like many have done before thanks to Mark Bowness (AKA Mark James)!

  3. I was on vorovoro last weekend and saw ben and few people their. I also talked to my family who live on Vorovoro and the are all ready to go.

    The scheme has also been played in the papers and tv here in Fiji so personaly I would bet that it isnt a scam and doing that with my credibility on my blog http://baleta.blogspot.com and these posts.

    I am trying to deflect all the negative publicitiy that may negatively affect this project that is needed around Mali.

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