Password Protected Bullets

One way to secure guns against unauthorized use is to secure the bullets. But I have a really hard time believing that people concerned with protecting their homes are going to take the time to key in a password on their gun when there’s a bump in the night. Biometric authentication is a better approach, though from what I’ve read biometrics aren’t rock solid yet either.

2 thoughts on “Password Protected Bullets”

  1. This has nothing to do with gun safety.

    You won’t buy into passwords but, you will buy into biometrics? Somebody’s battle is half won.

  2. Not sure why you say it has nothing to do with gun safety, except in the sense that it’s not going to prevent you from shooting yourself. It would (assuming it works) prevent someone who grabs your gun from shooting you.

    I don’t buy biometrics as being more reliable than passwords, I’m just saying that if I were to buy a gun for home protection, I’m a lot less likely to buy a gun that makes me remember a password when I need to use it than one that recognizes my palm print.

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