Soundtrack To Your World

As a kid, I would frequently compose soundtracks to accompany the scenery that flashed by my window in one of the many interminable car trips we used to take. LocoSound proposes a similar experience, music composed to match the scenery of a specific train voyage and broadcast over low power FM radio to the denizens of a single car.

2 thoughts on “Soundtrack To Your World”

  1. Didn’t Peter Griffin get his own personal soundtrack from a genie at some point? I think he had kind of a Gershwin thing going, although I think it was matched more to his mood than to the scenery. Until he got to Bedrock, that is. Look it up.

  2. Hmmm…reminds me a little of the personal in-skull soundtrack the main character in J. C. Grimwood’s ‘RedRobe’ has. Always rather fancied one myself…just without the attendent psychosis, natch. 😉

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