If No One Else Is Going, Why Should We Bother?

Michael Griffin, head honcho of NASA, wants to start a posse. Speaking at the Farnborough Air Show here in the UK, he claimed that the ISS will be a wasted project unless more countries sign up for missions with greater scope, like exploring the Moon and Mars. An ESA spokesman replied that collaboration is trickier than just signing bits of paper, but accepted that partnerships are necessary. But if Griffin is desperate to get some people on board, maybe he should chat to the Chinese…they seem pretty keen on a Mars mission.

One thought on “If No One Else Is Going, Why Should We Bother?”

  1. Well, that is a bit arrogant of Mr. Griffin. NASA forced the Japanese and the Europeans practically at gunpoint to build hideously expensive space lab modules for the ISS. These modules have been gathering dust in warehouses for years, since the only heavy lift vehicle that can boost them into orbit is the Space Shuttle. And now since there are only a handful of Shuttle missions left, NASA is openly talking about abandoning the modules entirely. If other nations are reluctant to participate in the ISS, they have good reason.

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