iPod Phone? ZOMFG!

The worldwide network of Apple fanboys are having major twitching fits today, thanks to code strings dug out of a new iPod firmware update by a coder with an obsession (and a lot of spare time, one assumes). The names of some variables in the code seem to point towards mobile phone capabilities in future incarnations of those iconic white theft-invitations – though it’s well known that Apple aren’t afraid to dangle the carrot. So, is there an iTunes phone in the pipeline? Only time will tell. Yawn.

2 thoughts on “iPod Phone? ZOMFG!”

  1. I’m not sure about the strict legality of it, but that’s just how incredibly ironic and postmodern I really am…or something like that.

    I posted this one because I figured there’d be some fanboys in the readership, but felt the need to express my personal non-interest at the same time. That’s the best thing about blogging – if this was a paid newspaper gig, I’d have been fired ages ago! 😉

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