The Rise Of The New Men

An Austalian geneticist has sparked a controversial debate, by putting a new spin on the old question ‘what will happen when the Y chromosome drops off?’ The Y chromosome (the trigger that makes males, well, male) has been slowly shrinking down over the generations, and will eventually vanish completely. Professor Graves speculates that this could result in the creation of a new species of human being. Other specialists aren’t entirely convinced that the theory could become reality, but there’s little cause for worry – it’ll take a good 15 million years to happen, if at all.

2 thoughts on “The Rise Of The New Men”

  1. “[The two groups] couldn’t mate with each other so they’d get gradually different, just like chimpanzees and humans gradually became different 5 million years ago,” she says.


    As the non-Y group “seperates” and finds it difficult to mate with normal human females, do you think they’ll turn increasingly to gay sex?

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