2 thoughts on “Wind-farm Watts”

  1. So what exactly is the problem here? At least the wind-farm is not burning coal or natural gas – as here in the US of A.

    We drive by a fair-sized wind-farm in Southeastern Colorado – about 150 or so 55 m diameter generators slowly cycling about.

    We have motored by another wind-farm near Lubbock, Texas – these high on some hills.



  2. There’s no problem at all, cwyant! I was mentioning this as a positive story – I’d be happy to see wind farms all over the place, especially here in the UK where wind is such a common commodity (not least of all from the mouths of our politicians). Unforunately, we have an awful lot of NIMBYism to deal with, but I hope we’re going to start moving in the directions that both Australia and California are currently going.

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