Surfing The Linguistic Zeitgeist

We’ve created so many new words in the last few decades that we’ve had to invent a word to describe the invention of new words – neologism. The flux and change of language is a stumbling block for researchers trying to teach computers to understand human communication, so some of them wrote a piece of software that goes out and discovers the meaning of new words by itself. The program, aptly named ‘Zeitgeist’, crawls through Wikipedia looking for new words, and then examines the links to and from the page where the word is found to try and determine its meaning.

One thought on “Surfing The Linguistic Zeitgeist”

  1. According to a couple of dictionaries I just checked, “neologism” has been around since at least the 19th century, longer if you count the French origin.

    Not everything has been invented in the last few years. 😉

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