How To Get A Quick Fix From Microsoft

There’s a way to get bugs in Microsoft products patched more than once a month – all you have to do is be a content business that uses their DRM systems. Last week’s release of software that strips the DRM from Windows Media Player files prompted a patch from Redmond within three days. Bruce Schneier points out that it’s a bit cheeky to quickly patch flaws that don’t affect your actual user-base negatively, but insist that they wait a month for solutions to problems that could damage or destroy their hardware. The copyright holder’s profits are more important than your security, you see.

One thought on “How To Get A Quick Fix From Microsoft”

  1. I am sceptical about applying Microsoft patches as soon as they appear. Because the patches invariably have bugs, and need to be patched! I like to wait a few days, let few others burn their fingers, and go for it when MS comes out with a bug-free patch.
    Also, has anyone noticed that when a new OS (e.g. Vista)is around the corner, your current OS, which was running relatively OK till now, suddenly starts dragging butt?

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