A Farewell To Floss?

Anyone who, like myself, has suffered indignity and discomfort (and a serious dent to the bank balance) at the hands of the dentistry profession will probably be overjoyed to hear that scientists have discovered a way to cause the regrowth of teeth in mice. This indicates that the ability to regenerate dentition may still be dormant in human DNA as well, which is definitely something to smile about.

One thought on “A Farewell To Floss?”

  1. A vague sociological question; how long before regrowth of lost teeth will be;

    (1) reported in the big media;
    (2) implemented
    (3) widely accepted
    (4) covered in westeuropean insurance
    (5) taken for granted

    I’d say respectively 5-8-12-14-18 years. If I am right somewhere in 2025 most people you’d see on the streets over here in the netherlands will have straight sparkly white teeth. But by then we’ll probably have other significant developments as well.

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