Fetch The Minority Reports!

I’m of two minds about the news that UK police are using psychological profiling to pre-emptively target potential rapists and murderers before they actually commit any such crimes. On the one hand, I’d rather live in a world where rape and murder were distant memories. On the other hand, this seems like one more in a sequence of exceptionally totalitarian moves by the British government. Is freedom the necessary price of safety?

One thought on “Fetch The Minority Reports!”

  1. Hello no

    By finding potential people genetically to certain types of criminal and antisocial behavior and treating them before they go on their rampage, is helping victims, criminals and society. It’s a win win win situation.

    I am more terrified of the people who want to not do this kind of thing out of ideological reasons.

    The only thing that rests is that the scary cynical elites wont use this to manipulate normal people, or somehow exploit us. Risks on that happening, in a climate where money buys everything, is pretty big.

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