Buzz Aldrin: A Man With A Plan

Space advocacy has really picked up again in the last few years, and some of the current claims and ‘road-maps’ are fairly far-fetched. One that sounds a little crazy at first, but then steadily makes more sense the longer you think about it, is Buzz Aldrin’s proposal to set up a system of reusable spacecraft continually cycling round an orbit that closely passes both Earth and Mars. Sort of like city bus services that run a circular route all day; cheap, efficient and (so Buzz believes) ‘politician-proof’.

2 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin: A Man With A Plan”

  1. I can’t reach this article to see what exactly they’re talking about, but this proposal doesn’t seem to make sense. Earth and Mars aren’t in synchronous orbits, so there is no conceivable orbit that would always pass close to where Earth is each year and then pass close to where Mars will a few months later, because Mars will always be in a different position a few months later.

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