UK To Get Involved With Lunar Exploration?

NASA’s Michael Griffin has been closeted with the new UK Minister for Science and Innovation, and they have been discussing collaborations between the two nations on future projects, such as Lunar landings. We Brits have supplied plenty of satellites and so forth – it’d be nice if we could supply a few astronauts for a change. If a volunteer is required, drop me an email so I can get training early…

2 thoughts on “UK To Get Involved With Lunar Exploration?”

  1. For all of me y’all can get a real space program going – lunar base, shuttles, explore the asteroid belt.

    What we need is for the future King Charles to decide he wants to make his mark and settle a few thousands plucky Brits in the belt and make the RN a space-going concern. Add some tone to the place, you know with tea brewed in micro-gravity kettles and the Union Jack painted on Ceres.

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