To the best of my knowledge, I have responded to all Futurismic story submissions as of this morning. If you submitted something to us before the November 18th deadline and haven’t heard back yet, please feel free to query, as sometimes submissions or responses go astray. Thanks to everyone who submitted! Look for us to reopen sometime in February.

2 thoughts on “Slushwatch”

  1. Ok…just found your website via link in a brazilian technology blog and liked it very very much. Yes, i´m from brazil and mantain this blog wich goes on stories I see and hear in bars in the huge city of Sao Paulo. For the last month, i´ve being writing a story in wich my grandson finds my texts in 2077, the year in wich I would turn 100 years. It´s is very focused on this struggle of how to live the experiences of a guy who lived in the early 2000´s surrounded by all the tech available in the end of the century. Of course it is in portuguese, but I could translate it to english, no problem about that. The Q is: do you accept contribution from other countries, or is it a US only website?
    When will you guys be accepting new stories?

  2. Hi Leo!

    We will accept submissions from anywhere. I expect we’ll re-open for stories in February. Keep an eye on the blog for an announcement. Thanks!


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