Mind Games

The Washington Post has published a mostly sympathetic article about people who believe the government is controlling their minds. The actual likelihood that these people are accurately describing the cause of their symptoms is of course vanishingly small. The interesting angle in this story, however, is that the Internet enables them to find a community of fellow victims to reinforce and support their delusions, and empowers them to do research that at lends a patina of plausibility to their paranoia. [mefi]

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  1. Hello everyone….Most of my experience as a “TI”(Target Individual), has involved “Invisi-Perps” OR “Ghost-Perps.”

    Below is the only link that I have found or know of on the Internet by a person other than myself who has had documented evidence of this device, “The Ghost Machine.” The difference is that the girl in the report below was a friend of Jacks, where as NONE of my Perps were ‘my friends’, but I was on a conversational level with many of them.

    My first real experience with a Ghost-Perp, happened in 1986, seven years before Jacks report. I was at home, and I admit in a stupor, laying on my bed, and one of these Ghost-Perps got on my bed, and started jumping up and down, causing me to bounce up and down on the bed.

    After that experience, on several occasions, I could sense that someone was in my room/house EVEN though I could not see them. I became sure of this when I could smell cigarette smoke in my room, I’ve NEVER smoked even one cigarette in my life. Then there were the times I smelled perfume,,,,,I don’t ware perfume!

    I was living next to a “family” of Perps, from 1991-1996, that included three adult males, and two children, and one who was a grandmother.

    The Invisi-Perps would enter when I was in a stupor, and stun me with a Stun-Gun while they were in Invisible Mode, causing me to go into wild convolutions. The main Perp’s name was “LEN.” He was about 30 years old.

    One day, Len had the confidence/nerve to bring the device( they called it the “Ghost-Machine“, and I know this because I heard them talking about it though my wall one day), outside!

    This device is a hand held device about the size of a Walk-Man tape player, and is all black, and has a small horn like shape protruding from it on one of it’s edges.

    I saw this device in Len’s hand, and knew right-away what it was. Len looked into my eyes,,,,at that point, he “knew” that I knew what it was, they had already figured out that I knew they were coming into my apartment, because one of the other male Perps, (his name started with a “D” but I can’t remember it now, I will remember it after this post…smile), was seriously injured by me and left my apartment bleeding in Invisible mode. There was NO blood in my bathroom from him where he got hurt, BUT, I heard them talking about the incident though the kitchen wall in my apartment. In turn, about six months later “D” had his dog attack me, and I needed stitches on a VERY sensitive area of my body.

    It took me a long time to figure out why, the US Government would give such technology to “these” people. We were all economically challenged people who if had a job at all, it was a very low paying job, that few people could actually live on. Then it dawned on me, that because we were so poor, ANYTHING we said about something like this would not be taken seriously by ANYONE!

    Well, this all came to a head for me around 1990, when I got a severe beating by an Ghost-Perp, after I had moved to a new apartment, again while I was in a “stupor.” THIS WAS IT!!! This is when I really started fighting back. To tell the truth, I armed myself with a giant Machete, and would start swinging at the air, anytime I was in a stupor, and thought that someone was in the room with me. OK! Invisi-Perps are for the most part, insecure about their invisible mode, and most of the time will try to stay behind a TI,BUT, in this incident I got “LUCKY.”!! Lets just say everyone does not have to worry about at least 1 Perp!

    This action resulted in the SFPD breaking into my apartment about 90 days later at 3am in the morning with their guns drawn. They broke down three doors before they found themselves in my bedroom. To shoot or not to shoot?? How would they explain shooting a man who did not have “ANY “ cloths on in his residence at that hour???

    TG I was under GODS grace that night, 2/15/1995!


    Invisi-Perps use a combination of devices. They also have a “portable” Tele-Portation device that they can use in combination with the Ghost-Machine. With this Tele-Portation device, they can enter ANY residence! Also, with the Tele-Portation device, they can kidnap a TI! When the actual kidnap happens, you will start to “shake violently” as you start to see your surrounding start to disappear. I’ve had 4 or 5 kidnap attempts in 20 years as a TI this way.

    If an Invisi-Perp enters your room, there will be 2 “extremely high-pitch beeps”, they are SO high, that I’ve only heard them three times in 20 years! There will ALSO be a brief flash of very bright light, but it will happen so quickly,(the beeps and the light), you will NEVER put 2+2 together!

    Once an Invisi-Perp is in your residence, they can do ANYTHING TO YOU!! I’ve been injected with narcotics so many times I’ve lost count! They can touch you, AND, you can touch them,BUT, there is a 100% chance that you will not touch them, especially when you cannot see them!

    I’ve been chocked around my neck, to the point I was 10 seconds away from death by Invisi-Perps.

    My current status is, I have two Perps living on my floor. Both have access to these advanced technology devices. My very next door neighbor Perp carries his devices in a small odd shape back pack when he leaves his residence. He never lets the devices out of his possession , when he has them. He does NOT have them all of the time, I know that this means that they are given to him by a team leader in charge.

    I am currently under attack by at least 5 teams of Perps, who are I believe, members of the NYPD SWAT Team, that fire COLD PLASMA though all of my windows from two different directions. They take turns, fulfilling a 24/7 schedule 365 days a year. Do you think they took 12/25 off? Fat chance 12/25/2006 was one of the worse days that month for me.

    Today was an extremely sad day for me. Today I cried! I have NOT cried in a long time, but today, I cried for Ms. Anna Nichole! I have NO EVIDENCE! BUT I’M AMOST 100% sure she and her son were killed by Invis-Perps! Today, I took a “direct hit” in my back with Fired Cold-Plasma. MY HEART JUMPED! I knew that anyone who is taking direct hits, would NOT need very many of them!

    This is for YOU Anna! I did not know you, but got to know you though your TV program, which I think I saw all episodes. I’m not a fan of most celebrities, but, I was YOUR fan!

    These Perps think that they are sooooooooooooo smart! They think that because no one sees their evil acts, that there will be NO PENALTY!!! BUT, what they fail to realize is that “GOD SEES “EVERYTHING.”!!!!

    To EVERYONE who engages in this invisible activity, weather it’s implanting thoughts, covert murder, and ANYTHING ELSE involving stealth/invisible means, with GOD as my witness I promise YOU, after you die you will NEVER SEE ANY LIGHT!!

    Rest in peace Anna, I loved you as a friend I never met…….Scott



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