Robotic muscles pumped by air

Robotic hands have always had trouble with picking things up. Or to be more precise, picking things up without damaging them – what is natural and easy to most humans is pretty hard to reproduce mechanically. Japanese company Squse seem to have the right idea, though; their new design of robotic hand uses ‘air muscles’ that enable it to perform delicate tasks, like picking up an egg witrhout breaking it. Once this technology gets cheap enough, I can see the sex-toy industry plunging deep into the Uncanny Valley … [Engadget]

One thought on “Robotic muscles pumped by air”

  1. This comment clearly went missing in the Great Migration, but here goes: Uncanny Valley may not be such a problem for sexbots. After all, in this application, one man’s uncanny is another’s kinky. That’s not a bug…that’s a feature!

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