Futurismic nearly fixed

Greetings, boys and girls; if you’re reading this in your RSS reader without having had to resubscribe to Futurismic, then the fiddle I shoved into the htaccess file has worked properly, and everything is just awesome.

Operational Beta version

The site theme needs some work to get it functioning exactly the way we want it to (which will be done incrementally, as time and our non-existent budget permits).

But we’ve actually got all our old posts and stories and essays from the previous installation in the archives … and we’re pretty much all set up to get back to business as usual, bringing you the fact and fiction of tomorrow with all the convenience of modern web2.0 gimcrackery.


Click through, and let us know you can hear us

Best of all, the comments system here works properly! So if you’re reading this in your feed reader, please click through and say hi – just to let us know you’re there and that everything is working A-OK.

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  1. The link structure has changed, however, so old permalinks aren’t quite so permanent anymore.

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