Gibson’s Spook Country comes to the metaverse

Following on from the interview I linked to yesterday, it looks like the Gibsonian publicity engine is moving into high gear ahead of the release of his forthcoming novel, Spook Country – which esteemed genre critic John Clute has reviewed for In a move that makes perfect sense for the man whose name will forever be associated with cyberpunk (whether he wants it that way or not), his publishers are using the metaverse as a promotional tool; as reported by UKSF Book News and Forbidden Planet, Second Life is going to be full of promotional events connected to the release of Spook Country. Just what I need – more reasons to hang about in SL instead of getting any real work done. If I were a published author, though, I could probably justify it as self-promotion – maybe Walter John Williams should add it to his list of ways to grow a Long Tail?