Spacesuits and Sixguns – free fiction online

It’s official – there really is more free genre fiction online than I will ever have time to read, even if I stopped reading anything else. Still, diversity is a sign of a healthy growing market, so they say; so those of you who have more spare time than myself (which is most of you, I’m guessing) may want to wander over to check out the third issue of Spacesuits And Sixguns. If the fiction is of a similar quality to the artwork, it won’t be a wasted visit.

2 thoughts on “Spacesuits and Sixguns – free fiction online”

  1. If you’re interested in another free e-zine with a space opera flavor (think Star Wars or Firefly), check us out at Ray Gun Revival magazine:

    We’re a paying mag, we publish every two weeks, and we feature short stories and four ongoing cliffhangerish serial novels!

    We’ve just celebrated our first anniversary, and publish in .pdf format for reading online or printing off for later.

    Johne (Phy) Cook
    Overlord, Ray Gun Revival magazine

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