Supernova Online

HeaderchrisIt seems like every day I learn about some new, uberbrainy conference that I can’t afford to attend and aren’t smart enough to speak at, the most recent being Supernova. Supernova is all about “how decentralization and pervasive connectivity are changing our world.” Mitigating my frustration is the fact that many of these conferences are now publishing their proceedings online (to name two biggies: TED and SXSW). Supernova’s got video too. Don’t miss Clay Shirky, always a healthy dash of common sense for our collective moments of irrational exuberance. [oreilly radar]

One thought on “Supernova Online”

  1. “In terms of the useful stuff I learned per speaker, your conference was the best I’ve ever attended.”

    “It was totally worthwhile. I’m addicted now.”

    “Good crowd. Interesting program. Great conference.”


    “totally groovy”

    “Far out”

    “Mind boggling”

    (I made up the last 3 – did you notice?)

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