Get big pimping with your own personal luxury submarine

Discover3If you’ve got a few million laying around, and you’re not satisfied with a megayacht for your own conspicuous display of wealth? Then you’ll want a megayacht that submerges at $15-200 million.

US Submarines has a number of submersible luxury vehicles that are eyecatching but that seemed more like vaporware due to the fact that the site features computer drawings of them, not actual units in operation. But apparently civilian submarines in general are becoming enough of a problem that the US Navy is cautioning its fleet to be careful around coastal areas where they might bump into civilian subs.

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  1. I would like to start a business offering nightly dinner seatings upon a submarine. Hey, I don’t have $78 million to buy a submarine but I have drive and determination to get the job done. I only need a hand up. Reach out and e mail me at and make my day.

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