Synthetic Resveratrol Passes Early Tests in Humans

In other life extension news, resveratrol, a naturally occuring compound found in red wine, has been demonstrated to increase the lifespan of rats sharply. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals has been testing a synthetic version of the compound, said to be 1000 times stronger than the natural form, in medical trials for type 2 diabetics.  As writer David Ewing Duncan points out, the synthetic SRT501 still has years of testing to pass before it’s available, but there is a lot of hope in life extension circles that resveratrol is the wonder drug they have been seeking.  Expect SRT501 to replace cialis and viagra in your spam box soon.

2 thoughts on “Synthetic Resveratrol Passes Early Tests in Humans”

  1. It is not 1000 times stronger than the natural form. That is incorrect.

    SRT501 is 2x stronger than regular resveratrol. It is a resveratrol formulation, meaning it is resveratrol plus some extra agents that make it stronger in a human’s body.

    The new drugs that Sirtris are developing are years away, and are also not 1000 times stronger. They are between 4x to 9x ‘stronger’ but not 1000x.

    Anthony Loera

    more info is here:

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